Arthur UNGER

Arthur UNGER born on 11th of July 1932 in Luxembourg. For his studies, he moved to the Belgian capital of Brussels, before moving to the Congo in 1956 where he worked as a colonial civil servant for 5 years. There Arthur UNGER spend his time practically isolated with the local African tribes. The experience in Africa was to shape an influence on his future art works. In 1963 he settled in Paris, where he engaged with its artistic circled and carried out his early drawings. Back to his hometown Luxembourg he developed a process of painting with fire on copper, which has to become his favorite support. In 1970, his meeting in Paris with the famous critic Michel Tapié proved to be decisive. The latter actively supported him in his approach and wrote prefaces to most of his exhibitions in France as well as abroad.

In 1985 Arthur came back to Africa and stayed in Senegal and the Ivory Coast for three years. During this period, he made many new works with an African inspiration. And a new and important monograph, relating the artist’s pictorial adventure, of which the name is “Unger l’Africain” by Ante Glibota was published by the Paris Art Centre. Unger then worked on a series of very large-scale painting on copper, with fire masks as their themes, which were exhibited in 1992 in the Paris Art Centre and in the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris.

Arthur UNGER has exhibited in many museums around the world, especially in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Switzerland. In October 2001, The Toit de la Grande Arche de la Défense in Paris put on an important retrospective devoted to the works on copper. Other important museums and galleries are Espace Paragon in Luxembourg, Art Center and the Centre Culturel du Grand- Duché du Luxembourg in Berlin.

Arthur UNGER’s artistic adventure continued in 2004 in China were a vast retrospective exhibition was held in Beijing, Today Art Museum, Millennium Museum and museums in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Most of his major exhibitions were presented by the Parisian Art Critic Ante GLIBOTA. In 2017 he was to win the “Phoenix Art Award” in Fenghuan for the best abstract painting, among 20 international artists. His works are to be found in the major public and private collections all over the world. He lives and works between Luxembourg and France.

Thanks to Michel Tapié, Arthur Unger found his way to the Taoist philosophy. In fact, he created (and still continues to create in parallel with his fire-paintings) wash drawings with black ink on paper. These drawings may remind oriental calligraphy. In the views of Tapié the duality in Tao. The Yin (water) and Yang (fire) come to light in the artist’s expression. Arthur Unger’s fire-painting technique and wash drawing technique made him the worldwide unique artist with both painting techniques.