INFALT is a luxury Crémant brand, and the first to be sold exclusively online.

Discover our beautiful region. Get enchanted by its treasures.

INFALT is a new brand coming from Luxembourg and is rooted with its vineyards in Schengen, home of the famous Schengen agreement, and its surroundings of the Luxemburgish Moselle valley. With our festive and quality-focused sparkling wine complemented by the unique accessories, we see it as our mission to be by your side on important moments in your life! Truth to be told, any occasion is a good occasion to celebrate life and pop open a bottle of INFALT to give the final sparkling to your celebration.


Our Crémant benefits from a long tradition in the wine-making industry, initiated by the Romans in the Moselle Valley. As a reward for the hard work, the Luxembourgish viticulture domain has grown a big quality awareness. Especially important in the sparkling-wine world, adopting and mastering the same production method used for Champagne, called “méthode traditionelle”, Maison INFALT Constantin has the possibility to present you nowadays our high-end product-range of Crémants, in accordance with the Appellation d’Origine Protégée – “Crémant de Luxembourg”.


The creator of the new INFALT Crémant, Constant Infalt, was born in a family with 300 years of experience in the wine growing business. As Co-Owner and General Manager during 35 years of Domaines Vinsmoselle, the leading wine producer in Luxembourg with 65% of market share of Luxembourg’s wine production, he brings his savoir-faire and infinite experience to his new brand.

Moreover, Constant is considered the father of Luxembourg’s Crémant, by redeploying the vineyards to the production of sparkling wines under the appellation “Crémant de Luxembourg” 25 years ago. It is due to his accomplishments on this domain that we can now launch our INFALT brand under this appellation origin.

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