INFALT is a luxury Crémant brand, and the first to be sold exclusively online.

When elegance, luxury and sophistication meet innovation.

Let us introduce to you INFALT’s Dancing Tray. Created and produced by Roland Iten* for INFALT, this is the first mechanical tray ever invented in the world.

Imagine going to an event and encountering a tray with happy turning glasses, served with sparkling wine, featuring interconnecting spinning coasters. This is certainly a unique object and one that will be remembered for a long time!

* ROLAND ITEN is considered as a pioneer in the high-end men’s jewelry sector, which he calls Haute Mechanic for Gentlemen™, creating the finest, most complex men’s accessories in the world – designed, crafted and finished like a high-end Swiss watch. He brings extraordinary character to belts, cufflinks, and other men’s accessories, transforming them into mechanically performing objects. (more information



Engineered as a Swiss watch, this tray is made of a special treated aluminium, cut in machine with precision made for the luxury watch production. With a total of 106 different components, in which included a beautiful red Swarovski crystal on the centre of each coaster, the Dancing Tray is seen and appreciated as a lifestyle piece, bringing glamour and style to any party, dinner or friends gathering.

As this tray is an iconic piece, made per order, you can personalise it to your own taste, or even to offer to that special someone as an exceptional gift. The ring on the tray is entirely customisable for specific events as it shows the examples below. Just place your pre-order and our team will be happy to assist you with the details.


How does it work?

By means of a spinning wheel, all nine coasters on top of the tray twirl, and when a glass full of our bubbly Crémant is on top of the coaster, the bubbles will also twirl, accompanying the movement and dancing inside the glass. You’ve guessed it! That’s why we’ve named it the “Dancing Tray”.


Just spin the wheel in motion, and be ready to mesmerize your guests!


When innovation meets extravagance, sumptuousness and magnificence

Let us introduce you to INFALT’s Dancing Bar. This sumptuous item was designed as a piece of furniture that will not only showcase the tray, but will help you with the storing and refrigeration of our INFALT Diamond Brut Crémant.


Dancing on its 4 wheels, this Bar serves multiple purposes: It has a vitrine on the upper part  that can be used to store the tray and keep it safe, given you can close it with a key. It also has a humidor for cigars, a specific dedicated drawer has been conceived to hold 12 glasses, a fridge with a capacity for 8 magnum bottles (1,5L) or 16 standard bottles (750ml) and a dedicated compartment to store more bottles.


Do you like our tray and want to have it on its own? Then choose our first package. Do you fancy our bar and have to have the complete set? Then go for the second package. In either case you will get 103 bottles of our high-end range Crémant, along with 9 classy and personalised glasses.

Dancing Tray

  • 103 bottles of INFALT Diamond Brut 750ml
  • 9 personalized & unique glasses
  • 1 customizable Dancing Tray

Dancing Tray & Dancing Bar

  • 103 bottles of INFALT Diamond Brut 750ml
  • 9 personalized & unique glasses
  • 1 customizable Dancing Tray
  • 1 Dancing Bar

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